Billing Confidentiality

    Because our Clients can use the service for completely different purposes, which by definition should not violation of the current legislation, we consider it our duty to take a number of measures to ensuring the full anonymity of payments received as payment for services presented on our Web site. All payment methods that are supported exclude the identification of the identity of both the payer and the payee. Thanks to this you can be absolutely sure that by paying for the order for, you will remain completely are anonymous from the beginning to the completion of the process.

    Registration data

    The information you provide during the registration process on the Web site is encrypted and transferred to third-party server. A similar process occurs with files that contain the data of the "victim", namely: login and password of social network authorization, text correspondence, sent and received files, points geolocation. The key to decryption is the password you specified during the registration process. Website Administration also does not have access to your personal information, so I strongly recommend that you take a number of To ensure the safety of the received data, by installing a complex generated password containing Latin letters and numbers. When using a mobile device in a public place or in conjunction with others people, do not forget to clear the history of the browser after the session is over. As an additional measure of security. A multifaceted package of measures is able to fully guarantee the non-disclosure of your personal data to third parties, not depending on the source of the request.

    Privacy Policy

    Supported resource for monitoring social network vulnerabilities, namely software (Web site), does not collect or use your personal information, which you provide in any part of the Website in its purposes. All the files that become available as a result of the interaction between you and our service passed the stage two-factor encryption. Encrypted files are stored on the remote server for no more than 48 hours, after which there is their irretrievable removal.

    Data Security

    We have put into action all possible security software available today, can guarantee the full anonymity of our Clients during the use of vulnerability monitoring social networks. The algorithm for combining decryption and serialization of API strings can now be produced online, without participation of other people and not risking being discovered, which ensures a stable result with preservation of the condition full confidentiality. At the same time, the Administration urges users not to violate the security measures specified in this privacy policy. Their ignoring can lead to leakage Your data.


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