Affiliate Program

    We launched our own affiliate program. This allows customers to use the service for free. Becoming a partner is very simple. After registering for an account in the control panel, a unique branch ID and link is generated for you. When a customer follows your link and a service account with the Personal Account is registered, you will receive bonus money. The dashboard in your account area allows you to track clicks and sign-ups coming from your affiliate links.

    How does it work?

    The visitor clicks on your affiliate link on your website or in an email. We will pay you and for the first initial click, but also if visitors go through the process. This even works if the cookie is disabled in the client s browser. A client can visit us a few months after the direction and click will still be tracked.


    After registration, you will be assigned an individual affiliate link


    Your referral link will be assigned with an individual token

    • The link has an identification number fixed for you.


    Twitter, Youtube, Google+, in Messaging, Forums + Including messengers

    • Place the link using online resources, sites, blogs, social networks, forums, share a link with friends and acquaintances.


    Your individual ID

    • When a user clicks on a link, the service determines this transition and assigns an ID to it.


    Use earned money to pay for service

    • Data and enrollment registrations are displayed in the dashboard in the "Clients" section.



    • Keep track of conversion statistics and their earnings.


    • When you reach the balance of bonus funds in an amount sufficient to access one payment, the funds will be credited automatically to your account.


    • Pay for services with earned money

    To use the service, go to My Account